International Campus

The initiative “International Campus Spain–Morocco” was launched by Campus of International Excellence Mare Nostrum 37/38 during the academic year 2012/13. It is based on the Memorandum of Understanding that the Spanish Ministry of Education and the Moroccan Ministry of Education, Higher Education, Executive Training and Scientific Research signed in 2010 in order to promote the creation of cross-border campus. The implementation of international campus is one of the objectives of the Agenda 2015 and of the 2010 call for Campus of International Excellence in Spain.

The objective of this initiative is to identify curricula of common interest to all Mediterranean countries, already being taught in CMN universities and in any other Moroccan university, that share part or all of their content. These programs are expected to allow the creation of joint programs and degrees to be taught in several languages by teaching and research staff from all participating universities. Thus , these new programs will benefit not only from the academic strengths provided by each of the participating institutions, but also from an international teaching board and more opportunities of internationalization.

The first two Moroccan universities to join the international Campus CMN- Morocco have been the University Cadi Ayyad in Marrakech and the University Essaâdi Abdelmalek in Tetouan. The first working meeting with them took place in July 2013, after having had long talks about the launch of a joint master's program in water management. The meeting , held at the University of Murcia, was attended by Gaspar Ros (Vice President for Research and Internationalisation, UMU), José Manuel Ferrández (Vice President of International Relations and Innovation, UPCT), Pablo Fernández (Vice President of Research, UPCT) , Pascual Perez-Paredes (General Coordinator of Campus Mare Nostrum), Laila Mandi (Coordinator of Masters in Cadi Ayyad University), Mostafa Stitou (Dean of the Faculty of Sciences coordinator of the Master in Engineering and Management of Water and Sanitation and University Abdelmalek Essaâdi) and the representatives for the Master’s  programme in Technology Management and Water Management (UMU) and Advanced Techniques in Food and Agricultural Research and Development (UPCT) .

As a result of this meeting, a pilot experience was agreed: a joint short-term course on the topic will be implemented. It must serve as first joint teaching experience for teachers involved as well as a way of assessing the interest and potential demand for a master on the topic. It will also help us to disseminate the initiative among teachers and students in other Mediterranean countries.

The course, in the philosophy of the Lifelong Learning, will be held in the framework of the Universidad Internacional del Mar-Campus Mare Nostrum Summer School (UMU & UPCT) during the summer 2014.

Campus Transfronterizo

File: Memorandum between Spanish Education Ministry & Moroccan Education Ministry (Signatured in November 2011).

Le Campus International Espagne-Maroc (FRENCH LENGUAGE)