null CMN international sessions in Archena on the exile phenomenon

CMN international sessions in Archena on the exile phenomenon

18 nov 2014

The town of Archena is to host the X International CMN Conference on Iberian Monarchs from November 20 - 22, at which experts from 12 countries will analyse the historical expulsions, exiles and returns that have taken place in the Iberian world.

The director of the conference, Javier Ruiz Ibáñez from the University of Murcia, stated during the presentation ceremony today that this conference, which has had previous editions in Mexico, Brazil and Italy, among other venues, is returning to the region of Murcia to coincide with the four hundredth anniversary of the expulsion and return of the Moors from the Ricote Valley.

"This is not just another conference; by celebrating it in Murcia we underline the value of everyday people in the Ricote valley who 400 years ago risked their lives for their banished neighbours, something that is a reminder today of the solidarity", stated Ruiz Ibañez.

The presentation, which took place in the Chancellor's Office, was attended by the Archena Councillor for Culture, Magdalena Ortiz, who stressed the importance for the town that holding an event of this size and transcendence supposed.

During the act, which was directed by the Coordinator of the Mare Nostrum Campus of Excellence Mare Nostrum (CMN), Pilar Garrido, there were further contributions from the General Director of Research and Innovation, Celia Martínez, and the Director of the Fundación Séneca, Antonio González, both of whose entities are collaborating in the event.

The Campus Mare Nostrum is collaborating in the organization of this international event.


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