null Mediterranean Know How: Workshop on the Arab Spring

Mediterranean Know How: Workshop on the Arab Spring

16 jul 2013


The Arab world has lately been convulsed by great social revolutions that we could not foresee in the past nor can we know exactly where they will lead in the future.
Campus Mare Nostrum, driven by an interest in the Mediterranean, ranging from the health, environmental or technological issues to social and economic ones, has acknowledged the concern that these movements, which presently run through southern Europe too, is awakening in the world of science and research. That is the reason why CMN is determined to support the celebration of a workshop, that will be entirely devoted to analyse the current situation of the so-called Arab Spring, its actors, its causes and implications.

The workshop, organized by our Department of Sociology, will be held at the University of Murcia on October 3, and will count on the participation of prominent thinkers of the Mediterranean world, as Hamit Bozarslan, of the École de Haute Études en Sciences Sociales of Paris, Mouna Abid, of the University of Carthage in Tunisia, and renowned professors and researchers from the University of Murcia, the Universidad Complutense of Madrid and the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid too.

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