null CMN attends the II EMUNI Think tank meeting and promotes activites on Bio-law and Bio-ethics

CMN attends the II EMUNI Think tank meeting and promotes activites on Bio-law and Bio-ethics

08 may 2012

The University of Napoles “L’Orientale” held last week in Napoles the II Meeting of EMUNI Think Tank, organised by the Euromediterranean University. The objective of the meeting was to enforce the contents of the Manifesto ‘Permanent Training as an emerging right ’, and to support an integrated approach to lifelong training in the European countries of "Our Sea” (Mare Nostrum).

The meeting evolved in the framework of the project: ‘Towards a Permanent training Community in the University System’.

The Campus of International Excellence ‘Mare Nostrum 37/38’, promoted by the University of Murcia and the Polytechnical University of Cartagena and one of EMUNI Think Tank members, was represented in Napoles by the Vice-chancellor of Research and Internationalization at the University of Murcia, Prof. Gaspar Ros, and by Prof. José Ramón Salcedo, of the Faculty of Law and responsible for the Master of Bio-ethics and Law CMN.

The meeting conclusions highlighted the importance of the role that universities, more particularly EuroMediterranean Universities, must play in lifelong training. According to the final document, this role is grounded on the following arguments:

-The universities are the only institutions having as main role quality accredited learning, research and lifelong learning.

-The universities are able to lead political, social, economic and cultural changes for local development (in association with governments, other education institutions, entrepreuners etc.), aiming at social equality and at an inclusive learning society.

The agreed actions for the organisation, creation and implementation of a proposal for the “permanent education as an emerging right” will prioritize an equal participation of leader women in Euromediterranean civil societies as well as that of all agents of national social, political and economic development strategies.

-Action I Towards a common cultural and artistic heritage in the Eurmediterranean Area.
-Action II. Professional training of industrial and productive sectors in Tunisia.
-Action III. Coordinated by Mare Nostrum: Bio-Law, bioethics, biosecurity and biotechnology for health.
-Action IV. Training for the management of legal and economic relationships.

Campus Mare Nostrum has taken active part in the coordination of Action III activities, from which it resulted the proposal of a modular system for the multicultural lifelong training on the emerging topics of “BIO-LAW and the SCIENCES” leading to international Master’s and Phd degrees accredited by EMUNI in Slovenia.

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