null Jean Monnet Chair in Social Anthropology

Jean Monnet Chair in Social Anthropology

28 sep 2011

Last July 2011, the European Union –through the Lifelong Learning Programme (Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency)– awarded for the first time a Jean Monnet Chair to the University of Murcia, specifically to the area of Social Anthropology of the Faculty of Philosophy.

This chair –one of two awarded to Spanish universities– will fundamentally at the main purpose stimulate research, thought and social debate into questions of great importance in the actual process of economical, political, cultural and social unification of Europe.

At the same time, it will foster and consolidate the introduction of European issues into teaching establish the importance of internationalization and increased cross-border collaborations in Europe. For this purpose the Jean Monnet Chair planned the organization of several seminars and lectures in which scientists from different European universities are going to participate. Among the topics, we can highlight such as Cultures in Europe, borders transcendence, Mobility and Migration etc.. In addition to these activities, the project staff is going to carry out teaching and public lectures at
the University of Murcia and the other collaborating institutions like the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) and Basel (Switzerland). In this way, the
activities want to be a point of contact between the researchers of the different institutions involved. At the same time, all this work will have tangible results the editions of books (like those already launched Europe. Images and lifestyles), Web pages (like, or the development of teaching materials for different stages of the education system (for example de textbook Are We Europeans? Europeans Cultures and images of Europe).

Through all these activities, the Jean Monnet Chair aims to provide elements of the internationalization and Europeanization to the University of Murcia and the Murcian Society.

For more information you can contact  Prof. Dr. Klaus Schriewer

Universidad de Murcia, Facultad de Filosofía, Campus de Espinardo, Edificio Luis Vives,

30100 Murcia, Spain


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