29 mar 2017

On 29, March The International Excellence Campus Mare Nostrum (CMN) set up by the Technical University of Cartagena and The University of Murcia, presented the offer about summer courses The International University of the Sea (UNIMAR 2017) with a total of 90 training proposal developed in the Region of Murcia, and they expect to reach 3,500 students.

During the event there were speeches by the Rectors of both Universities, the Mayor of Cartagena, the Minister of Education and the Vice-rectors of Internationalization and Cooperation for Development, Vice-rectors of the University Extension and Sports of the Technical University of Cartagena.

The session was introduced by José Manuel Ferrández Vicente, Vice-rector of UCPT Internationalization and Cooperation for Development. He considered future projects of the Campus Mare Nostrum, such as the interaction of a legal structure of excellence as a foundation that allows for joint activities between both universities and may be opened to other countries, such as Algeria, Tunisia, Syria, Iran, Arab Emirates or Egypt. He also added that the New Horizon Project 2020 will allow significant returns for the Region of Murcia.

Other advantages of CMN which were quoted during the event were: the automatic validation of credits, the federation of identifications to access facilities and the joint purchase of bibliographic resources.

On the one hand, the University of Murcia (UMU) presented its XXXIV edition, 54 courses with themes and seminars as varied as Preserving and Using cultural heritage of Valle de Ricote (Cieza), Clinical Hypnosis into clinical practice (Murcia headquarters), Beach rescues and hazard identification, semi-automatic defibrillator (Águilas), Murciano-Granadina among others, Animal Assisted Therapy: multispecies-approach (Murcia), seminar-workshop on Maritime History and Architecture: Shoreline defense in the XVII century (Cartagena), or the 5th Parachute Course (EMP. Méndez Parada Alcantarilla).

On the other hand, the Technical University of Cartagena (UCPT) presented innovative ideas among its 36 courses, such as the workshop about blown glass, the workshop about the recovery of contaminated soils, the cycling route along the Vía verde or the course on guidelines to detect and minimize risks in a terrorist attack. Sign language, diagnosis and treatment of autism, wine tasting, 3D modeling, astronomy, academic writing in English, etc., are others of the outstanding activities in the UPCT summer courses.

In turn, José López Martínez, mayor of Cartagena, highlighted the importance of these courses born in Cartagena and said that why we have to limit ourselves to a summer university for two months The first town councillor proposed that the Oceanographic Observatory of Cartagena must be qualified to provide the International University of the Sea with a permanent seat.

In fact, this year the University of Murcia began its offer in March, and there will be courses in April and May and they are scheduled to be complete in October with three different themes.

In short, a total of 17 minicipalities from the Region, the Ministry of Defense, the Banco Santander sponsors, Fundación Caja Murcia and CAJAMAR will participate in UNIMAR courses.

Please enclosed find more information and enrolments: