null "Islamic Persian Art Exhibition", where three artists will work live and direct during the first week

"Islamic Persian Art Exhibition", where three artists will work live and direct during the first week

11 may 2016

There is an academic relationship and also a cultural exchange for several years between the Iranian world and the area of Arab and Islamic Studies of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Murcia, coordinated by Garrido professor.

With the aim of extending this barter to all the university community, after the international boom of Iran and the rapprochement initiatives of its Embassy in our country, Campus Mare Nostrum tries to make official the already established working links, which guarantee some years of joint work, such as doctoral candidates of the University of Murcia that work in Iranian subjects, sessions of the Spanish Iranology Society that the University of Murcia has attended, etc.

Therefore, a Persian art exhibition will take place, from 10th to 25th May, in José Nicolás Almansa room placed in the Museum of the University of Murcia, in nº 4 Pavilion of Antiguo Cuartel de Artillería Jaime I, where three Iranian artists will work live and direct. The artists, accompanied by the Embassy secretary Mr. Joaquín Rodríguez Vargas, will reach the Region of Murcia on Monday 9th May. That day and the following one, the exhibition will be prepared.

Such exhibition will promote collaborative activities between both institutions (and for that matter, with other institutions of the Iranian Republic), specially in the research area and the exchange of students and professors, for the purpose of establishing and expanding cultural and academic relationships, and of stimulating the exchange of knowledge. Likewise, to make known the cultural and idiomatic realities, among others, of Iran, extending the actions of the public universities in the framework of the International Excellence of CEIR CMN 37/38, for the internationalization towards the corresponding university communities.

The inauguration is scheduled on Wednesday 10th May at 8:00 pm. This day the Cultural Advisor of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Spain, Mr. Alireza Esmaeili, whose arrival is expected to be the day before and whose return is planned on Thursday of this week, will join the event.

At this exhibition, ceramic pieces, engravings and pieces of art of the artists Soleymaní, Mirza Khanian and Mohammad Reza Konarvar could be appreciated.  The artists will show their skills painting canvases on the spot.

In parallel with this event, two conferences will take place the day of the inauguration, one carried out by the guest artist Mr. Mohsen Soleimani Marghmaleki and the other by Mrs. Pilar Garrido, titular professor of the UMU, to end the exhibition, the day 25th the presentation of the book “Los arcanos de la unicidad de Dios en las moradas espirituales del sheij Abu Sa’id” will take place, and further on, the possibility of mobility for professors and the training of a doctoral candidate, whose thesis deals with iranology or research about chii Islam, is expected, as well as a cultural week with an Iranian Film Series that will be carried out in the first semester of the academic year 2016-2017.

Thus, the rector of the University of Murcia, through the Campus of International Excellence Mare Nostrum and the Cultural Advisor of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Madrid will present to you the inauguration of the exhibition “Arte Persa Islámico”, a golden opportunity to know the art and culture of this country.


Exposición Arte Persa-Islámico
Exposición Arte Persa-Islámico