null III Bilateral Meeting of Spanish and Algerian Universities

III Bilateral Meeting of Spanish and Algerian Universities

15 mar 2017

During the 2 and 3 March, The University of Murcia conducted the III Bilateral Meeting of Spanish and Algerian Universities at the University’s Merced Campus,  Faculty of Arts.

The aim of this meeting is to strengthen the ties initiated during the year 2012 in Alicante and during 2013 in Oran with the collaboration and support of The Conferencia de Rectores de Universidades Españolas (Conference of Spanish Universities Rectors, CRUE) and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Algeria. 

The meeting was attended by 10 Algerian Universities and a large group of representatives from Spanish Universities.

The different interventions demonstrated the needs and possibilities of academic collaboration and cooperation through European cooperation and research programmes and projects, which allow the mobility of students, professors, and the administration and services staff. As well as highlighting the current situation under the objectives of sustainable development and new technologies for training, and particularly the pooling of interested areas for both countries, such as the environment, water management, agriculture and nutrition or tourism.

The University of Murcia with the opening session «Innovative Relations: Future ways» carried out by Mr. Bernardo Cáscales, Vice Chancellor of Coordination and Internationalisation, went into detail about the specific possibilities of collaboration such as the Exchange of Education Personnel and Undergraduate Students, the creation of a list of interested companies, advice on the role of the University Ombudsman in the Algeria academic field, as well as the  commitment to reinforme the already existing scholarships for foreign students in the Mediterranean area within the Campus Mare Nostrum Project.

The relationship with the Mediterranean countries but more closely with Algeria, is a task developed by the University of Murcia with international mobility Erasmus Mundus Mare Nostrum program.

This kind of relation has allowed 65 students and professors of Algerian Universities to study in European Institutions since 2012.

Nowadays the University of Murcia has achieved cooperation agreements with the Abderrahmane Mira de Bejaia University and Abdelhamid Ibn Badis de Mostaganem University, among others.

This list will  be undoubtedly increased after the meeting held these days and the work meeting celebrated among the Argelian rectors and the rector Mr. José Orihuela , where specific programmes were discussed with the University of Murcia and the signing of Joint Collaboration Agreements.