null Call for Grants for Foreign Students for Summer Courses at the University of Murcia

Call for Grants for Foreign Students for Summer Courses at the University of Murcia

20 abr 2016

The University of Murcia, through the Vice-Chancellor of Coordination and Internationalization in the frame of CMN, and the Vice-Chancellor of Training and Innovation in the frame of UNIMAR’s actions, is publishing the call for grants in order to attract international students from the areas of influence of Campus Mare Nostrum to the summer courses of the Universidad Internacional del MAR, according to the following rules:

Purpose of the grant: provide financial support to those international students who come from foreign universities within the framework of CMN, so that they can attend the Summer Courses of UNIMAR.

Requirements: So as to be a beneficiary of these grants, the students must be registered in a foreign university during the academic year 2015/2016 and study the two last years of a Degree or a Master. Besides, the student must have a proper level of Spanish and be registered through CMN in a course offered by UNIMAR.

The applicants have to submit, together with the application form, a photocopy of the identification document or passport, an academic certificate of the course 2014/2015 and a certificate of registration at the university of origin in the academic year 2015/2016 (originals and translations into English or Spanish) and a B1 certificate in Spanish of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
The form may be submitted until 10 May 2015 in the General or the Supplementary Register of the University of Murcia, as well as in any of the places shown in the art. 38.4 of the Act 30/1992, of 26th November.

Description of the grants: 17 grants are announced and they consist of the exemption for the registrations fees in the chosen course of UNIMAR and travel expenses grants of 500€, which will be handed to the beneficiaries of the grant at the moment of joining the course.
The registration will be carried out by the candidate throughout the CMN office.
The total amount of this call of grants is 8500€.

Evaluation Commission: the selection, elaboration of the order of succession of the applicants and the award proposal will be undertaken by this commission, formed by the Vice-chancellor for Coordination and Internationalization as President, the Vice-chancellor for Training and Innovating as Vice-President, the Head of International Relations area, the General Coordinator of the CMN, the President of UNIMAR, as a Committee and one person attached to the CMN office of University of Murcia as secretary.

Resolution and Concession
The Board will will publish, on the Official Notice Board of the University of Murcia (TOUM) and in the web page of Campus Mare Nostrum (, the interim list of successful and excluded applications, conferring a 5-day period so that the applicant makes up for the potential defects or add the required documents, indicating that, if they fail to do so, their application will be cancelled.

When this period expires and having solved, where appropriate, the defects in the applications, the definitive list of admitted and excluded students will be published in TOUM and in the web page of Campus Mare Nostrum. Sequentially, the selection committee will proceed to the analysis of the applications. The resolution will be notified to the applicants one by one by an email.

Obligations of the beneficiary: the beneficiary must fulfill all the rights and duties that any student of the University of Murcia has and he also engages himself to attend classes regularly and to pass those subjects of the course in which he is registered, with the maximum benefit.


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