null Call for grants for academic stays abroad EIDUM-CMN 2016

Call for grants for academic stays abroad EIDUM-CMN 2016

20 abr 2016

The resolution (R-273/2016), which establishes the regulatory bases and the call for grants for academic stays abroad for young researchers and PhD students in the guidelines of Campus Mare Nostrum, has been published in the TOUM.

Aim of the grants: giving financial support to the stay in research centers abroad.

Beneficiaries: In A modality, consisting of pre-doctoral stays, aimed to: a.1) PhD students who are registered in the academic course 2015/2016 in the EIDUM. a.2) PhD students of programs coming from regulations previous to the Royal Decree 99/2011 linked to the University of Murcia in the academic year 2015/2016. The B modality, for post-doctoral stays, is assigned to Young Researchers of the University of Murcia and also IMIDA, CEBAS and IEO researchers with a doctoral degree in the last 3 years and with an academical or contractual commitment with the University of Murcia or with other centers associated to CMN.

Grants requirements: The applicants have to be students of active doctorate, registered in the EIDUM at the moment of the application for the grant, and in the deadline of the call they must have validated their research plan.
For post-doctoral stay, it is required to the staff to be liable to the Collective Agreement of the hired teaching and research staff, on the labour laws of the Public Universities of Murcia, and an existing contract during the research period. Furthermore, the staff assigned to those research centers aggregated to the CMN may have an existing contract or a nomination during the research stay period.
The stays must be carried out in the period between 15th May and 15th November 2016. Exceptionally the stays undertaken from the 1st December 2015 to 15th May 2016 will be covered.
So that they can be financed, the stays must have a duration of more than a month for the A modality (PhD students), on condition that, at most, in this case until 3 months will be financed. For B modality (young researchers) stays must last more than 2 weeks, and in this case a maximum of 4 weeks will be financed.

Application submission: they will be submitted to the General Register, in the Supplementary Register of the University of Murcia (UMU) and also they can be sent electronically through the Electronic Register of the UMU.

The deadline for submission is from 12th April to 22nd April.
The text of this call is attached in case you need it.
Source: Escuela Internacional de Doctorado - “Convocatoria Ayudas para Estancias en el Extranjero EIDUM-CMN 2016”


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