null The first meeting of the steering committee of CMN has been held

The first meeting of the steering committee of CMN has been held

04 feb 2016

The meeting was held in the Technical University of Cartagena (UPCT, Spain) the last January 20. The establishment of the steering committee of the project Campus Mare Nostrum (CMN), once achieved the renewal of the Seal of International Excellence, starts a new roadmap. The core objective of this unit of CMN, that has an internal character, is to define the new lines of actions, and to establish the activities that will be undertaken during the following year in the CMN framework.

Assistants to the meeting:

  • Vice-chancellor for Coordination and Internationalization of the University of Murcia (UMU),
    Mr. Bernardo Cascales Salinas
  • Vice-chancellor for UCPT Internationalization and Development Cooperation,
    Mr. José Manuel Ferrández Vicente
  • General Coordinator of CMN,
    Mrs. Pilar Garrido Clemente.
  • Coordinator of CMN UPCT,
    Mr. Julio Ibarrola Lacalle
  • Manager of the International Relations Area of the UMU,
    Mr. Matías Belibrea González
  • Director of the Language Service of the UPCT,
    Mrs. Donatella Rotondo
  • Coordinator of International Relations of the UPCT,
    Mr. José María Molina García-Pardo
  • Technician of the Vice-chancellor for UMU Coordination and Internationalization,
    Mrs. Inés Pérez Quiñonero
  • Technician of CMN UM,
    Mrs. M.Carmen Buendía Escribano

Among others, the subject matters were:

  • 1. The establishment of the steering committee
  • 2. The functions and aims of the mentioned Committee
  • 3. Concept and support of the office of CMN
  • 4. The involvement of booth institutions in the project of the Campus of International Excellence.
  • 5. The launch of a range of activities in the CMN framework.


Reunión CMN
Reunión CMN