null The deadline of the application process for the INPS-master Grants has been extended until the 14 March

The deadline of the application process for the INPS-master Grants has been extended until the 14 March

11 mar 2016

New deadline of applications: March 14th

Once again, the Campus Mare Nostrum 37/38 has achieved the renewal of the direct agreement with the INPS (Istituto Nazionale Previdenzia Sociale) of the Italian Republic, obtaining the granting of scholarships for Italian students so they can study the official masters at the University of Murcia and at the Technical University of Cartagena.

When this innovating project started both in Spain and abroad 4 years ago, the sum of the offered masters and students was limited, but from the CMN we have turned it into a key project.

During the current year, the INPS has decided to support and trust even more in the CMN by choosing 10 masters from the University of Murcia and 10 from the Technical University of Cartagena, and the INPS has also given 12 places to each master, offering an amount of 240 places, that is to say, 120 Italian students for each university of our Region, that is 240 Italian students are being trained in our universities.

The offered masters are:
From University of Murcia:

  • University Master in History and Naval Heritage (MASTIA)
  • University Master in Publishing Translation (MUTE)
  • University Master in European Comparative Literature (LETTERATURA)
  • High-grade Mathematics, double degree with University Master in Teacher Training (DOPPIO TITOLO)-(MAP)
  • Forensic Science (Scienza Forense)
  • Nourishment and Food safety and Technology (NTSA)
  • Mediation (Mediazione)
  • Bio law, law ethics and science (BIODRITTO)
  • Data Management in the Organizations (InfOrg)
  • Economic Development and International Partnership (CoopInt)

From the UPCT:

  • Advanced Technologies in Agricultural Food Research and Development (TAIDAA)
  • Renewable Energies (MER)
  • Environmental and Sustainable Process Engineering (Ing Amb)
  • Accountancy and Corporative Finances COMPANY ANALYSIS AND DIAGNOSIS itinerary (COFIC)
  • Business and Tourist Facilities Management (GDEIT)
  • Business Management (MBA)
  • Telecommunications Engineering (TELECO)
  • Architectural Heritage (EdifArq)
  • Science and Technology of Water and Ground (CieTAT)

This project is a part of one of the main aims of the CMN among others: to promote a dynamic and quality higher education, to boost a sustainable development and the use of the territory by means of the promotion in the modernization and innovation in teaching and research.
For further information, visit the webpage of CMN Masters-INPS.


Tarjeta CMN-INPS 2015-16
Tarjeta CMN-INPS 2015-16