null Conference on Psychology and Medicine at your Fingertips

Conference on Psychology and Medicine at your Fingertips

10 feb 2015

From February 8 to May 21, at the CajaMurcia Cultural Centre in Cartagena, the “Mare Nostrum 37/38” International Campus of Excellence, the Polytechnic University of Cartagena and CajaMurcia Foundation are hosting presentations on Psychology and Medicine.

At the end of the last century a new approach to contemplating human nature got under way. The focus shifted from the physical and psychological treatment  of sick or illness prone individuals to identifying and strengthening potentially skilful and talented beings.

Positive Psychology is a branch of scientific Psychology focusing fundamentally on the positive human qualities, with the American psychologist Martin Seligman at the forefront (1998). Human strengths and virtues are identified, developed and boosted, so facilitating personal, family, social and labour self-fulfilment throughout life.

The idea is that human beings create themselves and their own realities.

This conference, from February 8 to May 14 2015, is intended to convey the idea that Positive Psychology is within everyone’s reach through self-awareness and to show that living with enthusiasm and hope is possible.                    

You can download the whole programme from the attached file

Information available at the Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Students and University Extension UPCT: Rectorado. Pza. del Cronista Isidoro Valverde, CP. 30202 Cartagena
Tlf: 968325736 / 868071076.