null Summer Science Campus at the University of Murcia

Summer Science Campus at the University of Murcia

15 jul 2014

The University of Murcia Summer Science Campus gives tenth and eleventh grade Secondary School students the chance to get a feeling of what science is about in a university and multicultural environment, while giving them some help in deciding where they are going in their studies.

During July 2014 university and secondary school teachers will open up the world of science, technology and innovation with practical tasks, talks, guide visits and workshops as well as presenting the results of the students' active participation in the projects in public. The teenagers will also get a first taste of what research is about as well as taking part in complementary cultural and leisure activities.

Our institution will welcome  120 students from tenth and eleventh grades, in four sessions:

  • June 30 to July 6: 30 eleventh grade students
  • July 7 to 13: 30 eleventh grade students
  • July 14 to 20: 30 tenth grade students
  • July 21 to 27: 30 tenth grade students

Four projects will be carried out:

  • A scientific approach to healthy eating
  • Discovering physics, mathmatics and chemistry: applications in technology and materials.
  • H2O, a very special molecule
  • Biotechnology

This is the fourth year running the program has been held under the sponsorship of Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology, the Spanish Ministry for Education, Culture and Sport and the Caixa Savings Bank. The program is part of the International and Regional Campus of Excellence Network which simultaneously organizes these events on 16 campuses in Spain  for 1,920 secondary school students. This science initiative is a clear effort to foster and reinforce special skills among students and guide and encourage them in their choice of professional future at an age when they have to decide what they are going to study.


Campus científicos de verano 1
Campus científicos de verano 1