null UPCT hosts CMN training days in bilingual education

UPCT hosts CMN training days in bilingual education

22 oct 2014

To all members of the CMN university community,

This is to inform you that on November 20 and 21 the Meeting for Training in Bilingual Teaching run by the Mare Nostrum Campus will be held in the Faculty of Business Sciences of the Cartagena Polytechnic University.

The aim is to offer more specific training on how to incorporate and develop bilingual studies at the various levels of education and to allow teachers and researchers to share experiences and doubts.

The event is organized by the BMA Bilingual Teaching Team of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the Polytechnic, under the Mare Nostrum Campus framework.

Enrolment is online at the following link enlace after payment of €5 inscription fee and proof of payment sent to

Deadline for registrations is November 15.
Participants will be issued a certificate of attendance.

The leaflet for the event can be downloaded in the attached file.