null Student enrolments reach new highs at the University of Murcia

Student enrolments reach new highs at the University of Murcia

06 nov 2012

The number of students increased this year to just over the 30.600 in all types of degrees, that is, 300 more students than last year, according to the data presented by the Vice-rector of Studies, Ms. Concepción Palacios, in the last meeting of the governing board.

Ms. Palacios reported that 20.000 out of the 30.600 students used the auto-registration process while the number of new students, 6.700, was similar to last year. 

The highest numbers were reached by the Faculty of Education, 4.600 students, followed by the Faculty of Economics, 4.300, the Faculty of Arts, 3.600, and the Faculty of Law, with almost 3.400 students.

For the 6.528 available places, the University received more than 20.120 applications, most of them (18.000) corresponding to the general quota where students coming from vocational training and secondary school are included.  

For the academic year 2012/13, the cut-off marks increased in 43 degrees while they underwent a decline in 11 degrees.  

Regarding Master’s programmes, the Vice-rector remarked that the number of registrations reached a similar number as the one the university reached last year, 2.300 approximately.



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