29 feb 2012

In the framework of the Socio-Cultural Activities of Campus Mare Nostrum, the Vice-rectorate of Students and Cultural Affairs of the Politechnical University of Cartagena is organising the Science Fiction Week.

The SF Week, to take place from 23rd to 27th April, is offering a course that aims at discussing the most fundamental aspects of sicence fiction both through two short stories and two filmes, all of them classics of the genre, plus some lectures by experts in the field. As the course was elaborated within the area of English Studies at the UPCT, it will be held entirely in English and will be closed by the prestigious scientist Prof. Juan José Gómez Cadenas, full Professor on Nuclear and Atomic Physics with the lecture "When Stars Stop Moving".

COURSE RESPONSIBLE: Prof. Natalia Carbajosa. Area of English Studies of the UPCT. Edificio del CIM, Facultad de Ciencias de la Empresa. Tel.:968327025. E-mail:

VENUE:  UPCT. Salón de Grados de la ETSII, Edificio Hospital de Marnia, Campus Muralla del Mar, Cartagena.

SCHEDULE: Monday to Friday, from 18:00h. to 21:00h.

NUMBER OF PLACES: 50 places for registered students (all members of the Campus Mare Nostrum). Free attendance for non-registered public until the lecture room is full.

CREDITS: 1 ECTS for registered students (on condition of attendance, participation and correct questionnaire completion)

REGISTRATION: Until 15th April 2012, in "Actividades Socioculturales de la UPCT". Campus Muralla del Mar. Or at Code for registration: 12/121. Registration fee: 10€