null Intercambio juvenil 'From Agriculture to cultural learning' en Turquía

Intercambio juvenil 'From Agriculture to cultural learning' en Turquía

10 ene 2012

Estimados universitarios, estamos seleccionando 9 estudiantes para participar en un intercambio juvenil llamado 'FROM AGRICULTURE TO CULTURAL LEARNING' sobre Juventud y Agricultura, del Programa Juventud en Acción, los días 29 de enero al 2 de febrero de 2012, en Balikesir, Bandirma, Turquía.

Los temas principales de este proyecto son: Agricultura, juventud e interculturalidad.

Los participantes deben tener entre 18 y 25 años, pertenecer a la Universidad de Murcia, buen nivel de inglés y conocimientos/experiencia en la temática del proyecto.

Los interesados deben enviar un correo a, antes del miércoles 11 de enero de 2012, a las 12 horas, indicando:

•    Nombre y Apellido
•    Fecha de nacimiento
•    Datos de contacto: teléfono móvil y correo electrónico.
•    Nivel de inglés.
•    Facultad a la que pertenece y estudios que actualmente está cursando.
•    Experiencia en la temática del proyecto (agricultura, participación juvenil)
•    Experiencia en el programa Juventud en Acción
•    Participación en actividades promovidas por el Centro Social Universitario

Más información (en inglés):

11148 slassificasted plants are available in our country, 3616 of these plants are kind of plants which grow only a region; namely 3 of these plants can not be found everywhere.

This type richness in our country that belongs to one of the most wealthy plants of the world has stemmed from being a point of encounter among such regions as turkey and Europea-Siberia, Mediterranean sea and İran-Turan-Climate, Ecosystem, dwelling assortment and owning a topographic structure which starts from sea level to over 5000 meter have largely influenced biodiversity.

If the number of plant species are considered to be approximately 300.000 in the world, diversity existing in Turkey’s surface measurement is about 6 times richer than the average world.
Balıkesir / Bandırma is rich in terms of plants diversity.

There are plants being special to that country in different AB member countries like in our country.
These plants have given information to us about their people, food cultures and naturally their manner of living.

We will come together as 25 young and 3 leaders from 3 countries in Balıkesir-Bandırma, in order to protect culture plants taking an important place in their country’s economy to defend those plants and to transfer them to future generation and to form a conscious youth in this matter.

Young people will explain culture plants which belong to their country, characteristics of these plants, using fields and contribution to the economy of the country, and in this field, cooperation being done will be talked as youth.

Young people will stres on the importance of cultural agriculture in the frame of culture plants, and they will present sample to interaction – dialog among cultures.

Young people who will be included to our Project will be selected from jobless people. It will be touched on the detail of culture plants and farming occupation with these young.

We will improve a method against struggle with poorness.

Para más información, puedes contactar con:
Centro Social Universitario
Universidad de Murcia
Tel. 868 88 8326