null The Turkish University System: Monday 12, 18:00 F. Letras

The Turkish University System: Monday 12, 18:00 F. Letras

07 dic 2011

Meliksah SRI

The talk will be deliverd Monday 12 at 18:00 at Sala Jorge Guillén, Facultad de Letras, Campus La Merced.

Mobility for the training of students, faculty and staff is a surge in activity of the UM. The number of destinations is on the up and new activities are set to broaden our offer. It is important to know best other education systems in order to find similarities likely to bring in the exchange of training personnel to give validity to this mobility.

Turkey is an emerging country for the mobility of UM with a small number of specific agreements in this area. Having the opportunity to learn first hand is a great opportunity to expand our international horizons.

Dr. Nafi Yalcin  graduated from İstanbul, Boğaziçi University,Department of English Language and Literature in 1986 and received his M.A. degree from the same university on Linguistics in 1989. He got his PH.D. degree from Ankara, Hacettepe University on Linguistics in 2002.

After serving for 20 years in various high schools and academies in the Turkish Army as a teacher of English, he worked in İstanbul, Maltepe University, English Language Teaching Department as an assistant professor between 2006-2009, and now he has been lecturing at Kayseri-Melikşah University, the Department of English Language and Literature since 2009.

He has published a number of articles, papers and books about theoretical linguistics, language planning and various subjects of Turkish linguistics.