New International Mobility Call for International Students.

26 mar 2019

Open until 26 April 2019

We are delighted to inform you that the NEW international Mobility Call of Campus Mare Nostrum (CMN) of the University of Murcia “Grants for the attraction of international students who study in foreign universities in the area of influence of CMN during the academic year 2018-2019” is already open.

     58 Grants of 500€ each + the enrollment to one course of the enclosed list


Deadline to receive applications on paper: the 26th April 2019


  • Students who have achieved 60 credits in their first cycle education (degree or similar), master or doctorates students.
  • The courses will take place in the months of June, July, September and October 2019 and they will have an average duration of 25 hrs (3 days) in the Region of Murcia.
  • Different topics to choose from: Health Sciences, Arts, Social, Economic and Legal Sciences, Experimental and Environmental Sciences, Humanities and Technical.
  • An appropriate level of Spanish (Minimum A2 required). This year, as something new, we offer bilingual courses; in this case, students must have minimum A2 English.
  • For the application form the student must firstly apply online on and later send this to us with the required documents.

Documents to send:

  1. Application form sent on line, printed and signed.
  2. Copy of the passport.
  3. Academic certificate of the studies, according to levels (see point 3 of the call)
  4. Certificate of being enrolled this year 2018-2019 at a foreign university.
  5. Both certificates’ originals (points 3 and 4) must be in Spanish, English or French, sealed by the department or university; in case of Arab, an official translation is required).
  6. Certificate of Spanish level or courses taken in Spanish or English, in case of having choosen a bilingual course of the list.

Here you can see the full document and the summer courses list 2019.

For the application form the student must firstly apply online on and later send this form signed with the required documents BEFORE 26 April 2019, on paper or by the Electronic Register App at our university, in case you already have a digital certificate.  

Further information:

About the grants:

About courses and villages where they take place:   

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