Executive Council Meeting of the Network of Spanish Marine Campuses of Excellence

09 jun 2018

University of Cadiz

According to the intructions of the CEIMARNET Network President, Mr. Eduardo González Mazo: Today, Wednesday January 10th 2018 at 10:00, the assembly of the Executive Council has taken place in the meeting room in the 5th floor of the Hospital Real building. In accordance with the following issues:


  1. Report on the current situation of the interuniversity master in Oceanography and analysis of possible future master in the CEIMARNET network.
  2. Joint actions proposal in doctoral study, including transversal programs, in the CEIMARNET network.
  3. Catalogue of singular facilities implementation of the CEIMARNET network (Cadiz).
  4. International Mobility Project in marine field for students and professors. CEIMARNET internationalization (University of Murcia).
  5. CEIMARNET web and social media launch. Useful databases for companies and entrepreneurs (Las Palmas).
  6. Report on the organization of the Foro Ibérico about Blue Economy.
  7. Q&A

The University of Murcia has been represented by its Rector, Mr. José Pedro Orihuela Calatayud, who has exposed the fourth point of the agenda about international mobility call for students and professors of the advanced course and marine specialization, “TRAINING COURSE IN THE HYDRO-DYNAMIC AND ECOLOGICAL MODELING OF COASTAL LAGOONS AND LITTORAL ZONES”, which took place last year from the 28th September to the 6th October. This course has been organized by the Campus of International Excellence Mare Nostrum within the framework of “From Strengthening to Excellence in the Mediterranean” project.

CEIMARNET is composed by 14 universities and public research organizations, which take part in the four Spanish campuses of excellence of marine field: CEIMAR, Mare Nostrum, Campus do Mar and Tricontinental Atlantic Campus. It is a Network created for coordinating the international launch and the member campuses of excellence cooperation, in order to improve the quality of the universities that are leaders on marine research.

Currently implementation is being studied within the doctoral programs Network and a singular facilities catalogue. These issues and others points addressed in the meeting can be consulted at