Postponed calls for grants 2021 to attract international students from foreign universities to the summer courses and to the doctoral conference of the International School of Doctorate of the UMU

30 Apr 2021

Dear student,

First of all, we would like to thank you for the interest you show every year in the call to attend summer courses at the University of Murcia.

In view of the initial declaration of the state of alarm on March 14th, 2020 for a period of fifteen days, extended on several occasions, and given the uncertainty of being able to guarantee the face-to-face activity at this moment of the summer courses of the Universidad Internacional del Mar 2020 and 2021 years, we have been forced to suspend the call for "grants to attract international students studying at foreign universities in the Campus Mare Nostrum”: Grants of 500€ each + the enrollment to one course of hethe enclosed list.

We provide you the following links from the Campus Mare Nostrum website, where we  usually publish the call and its documents:

About courses and villages where they take place please go to:    

Nevertheless, here you will find a summary of conditions to be elegible for these grants:

  • Students who have achieved 120 credits in their first cycle education (degree or similar), master or doctorates students.
  • The courses will take place in the months of June, July and September 2020 and they will have an average duration of 25 hrs (3 days) in the Region of Murcia (Spain).
  • Different topics to choose from: Health Sciences, Arts, Social, Economic and Legal Sciences, Experimental and Environmental Sciences, Humanities and Technical.
  • An appropriate level of Spanish (Minimum B1 required). If courses are offered in English,   students must have minimum B1 English to apply for.
  • For the application form the student must firstly apply online on and later send this to us with the required documents before the deadline mentioned in the call. 

Besides, Campus Mare Nostrum supports the attendance and participation of young researchers from foreign universities in the Doctoral Conference of the International School of Doctorate of the UMU.

These conferences are aimed at doctoral students from the universities from Murcia and other Spanish or foreign universities who request to participate. They normally take place in May or June every year.

The aim of the call will be to provide financial support to young researchers from foreign universities who, while undertaking doctoral studies within the field of the CMN (Mediterranean area of North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and European Mediterranean area), wish to participate and present oral communications or posters related to research on their respective doctoral theses in the branches of knowledge they are developing.

In this way the University of Murcia, through the Vice-rectorate for Research and Internationalization within the framework of the CMN (Campus Mare Nostrum), and the Vice-rectorate for Studies, will open a call for grants to attract young foreign researchers to the Doctoral Conference with same amount of grant, 500€ each.

To participate in the selection grant process, it will be necessary to meet grant requirements and receive the application together with other obligatory additional documentation on paper, or electronically through the University of Murcia registry in the office of Campus Mare Nostrum.

Beforehand  the applicant must send the abstracts before the deadline to

More information about the conferences can be found at:

These two calls could be relaunched in years 2022/23 if the conditions initially expected for face-to-face learning and security in international mobility are restored.

We hope to be able to continue offering you this opportunity in future editions.