null IV Arab-European Conference on Higher Education (AECHE 4)

IV Arab-European Conference on Higher Education (AECHE 4)

03 mai 2017

During 24-26th, April the fourth Arab-Euro Conference on Higher Education (AECHE 4) was being held at the Mohammed V University in Rabat where the role of universities and the collaboration between Arab Universities and European countries in research were discussed with the aim of achieving sustainable societies.

The conference examine how universities can develop their respective research capacities and collaborative in research capacities, dealing with topics of high national priority, such as water, energy and environmental and sustainability challenges, which also require social science.

Dealing with these specific and strategic topics, the conference raises more broadly the question of how Arab and European Universities can work more closely in promoting fundamental research and this in turn on education, as well as exploring the policy and financing frameworks, and involve university leadership and policy makers to seek concrete policy recommendations at inter-regional level.

In this context, representatives of the University of Murcia, Bernardo Cascales Salinas, Vice- rector of Coordination and Internationalization and Pilar Garrido Clemente, General Coordinator of Campus Mare Nostrum, have had meetings with representatives of other universities and concretely a statement document of intentions with the Hispano-Luso Institute was signed on 25, April. The document was made under an agreement between the University Mohammed V Sousi and the University of Murcia and another one with the International University of Rabat.

In addition to the agreements reached, our Vice-Rector made a presentation at the fourth session of the Conference on Accessibility of the scientific research results. Specifically different presentations about the advances in open science and their impact on international collaboration in research were shown during the last day. Along with the audience, recommendations were elaborated in the Arab-European context.


Acuerdo Univ. Internacional de Rabat 1
Acuerdo Univ. Internacional de Rabat 1