null Join Cultural RECcORDERs team! Apply until 15th March 2016.

Join Cultural RECcORDERs team! Apply until 15th March 2016.

01 mars 2016

 What is a cultural centre actually about? How are they interacting with the citizens? Are culture centres really as important as we think when it comes to inclusion and participation?

RECcORD is a research and action project that invites people with a strong connection to a cultural centre (employees, volunteers, etc.) to participate in the collection and creation of new knowledge about cultural centres.

From July to the end of December 2016, the project will send 20 ‘cultural recorders’ on a mission to cultural centres in Europe. Equipped with the right tools and techniques designed by the researchers from Aarhus University, the cultural recorders will collect data and research both in their own centre and a centre somewhere else in Europe during a 10 days stay in late 2016. Travel and accommodation will be covered by the project.

By participating in this project you will:

    contribute to the better understanding of the mission and role of cultural centres in contemporary societies and in shaping the future perspectives for their evolution;
    gain new skills and competences that will help you improve and be more proactive about your career;
    and last but not least, you will meet new friends and create new network with colleagues from other European cultural centres.

Interested? Here you will find more information about RECcORD project ( and easy registration form if you wish to join.
Deadline for sending application: 15th of March 

If you wish to ask for more information, do not hesitate to contact us!
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