null The University of Murcia and the Mare Nostrum Campus an inclusive summer campus in 2014

The University of Murcia and the Mare Nostrum Campus an inclusive summer campus in 2014

08 juil. 2014

The 'Mare Nostrum 37/38' Campus of International Excellence of the UNiversity of Murcia Polytechnic University of Cartagena will, one year more, be one of the 8 Inclusive Summer Campuses of the Fundación ONCE, the Fundación REPSOL and the Spanish Ministry of Education (Ministerio de Educación del Gobierno de España).

The aim of the program “Inclusive Campuses. Campuses without Limits” is to foster the presence of disabled students within the university, and to encourage Spanish universities to continue to advance in the process of adapting to the needs and abilities of future students suffering some impairment, and to provide them with full integration in the world of Higher Education.

Through this project, all pre-university students, disabled or otherwise, will enjoy an inclusive university experience and will get first-hand knowledge of its environment, thanks to stays of 7-10 days on a university campus, where they will be involved in activities of academic dissemination, culture and leisure.

The Universidad de Murcia was chosen along with the Universities of Salamanca, Valencia, Malaga, Granada, Navarra and the Valencia Polytechnic University and the Valencia Catholic University.

The universities presented their candidatures before to May 25, in line with the program conditions, under which being and International Campus of Excellence was considered to be a merit.

This is the third edition of the Inclusive Campuses and the University of Murcia has participated in all three.

The activities planned for the various campuses will take place from July 9 through to September 14.

Participating students have been studying the second cycle of compulsory secondary school education, baccalaureate and medium or higher grade training cycles.

In all, over 75 impaired students participate in this experience. A novelty of this edition is the inclusion of 45 non impaired students, who will together take oart in fully inclusive activities within a framework of equal opportunities.

Thanks to the call for Inclusive Campuses and the collaboration actions under this program with the Fundación ONCE and the Fundación REPSOL, the Campus of International Excellence of the two state universities of Murcia  has carried out the program of adapting infrastructures to disabled persons  (programa de adaptación de infraestructuras a discapacitados).


Campus inclusivo 1
Campus inclusivo 1
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Campus inclusivo 2
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Campus inclusivo 3