null Resounding participation success in the IV "Studying in Spain" Exhibition in Morocco

Resounding participation success in the IV "Studying in Spain" Exhibition in Morocco

25 mars 2020

SEPIE (Spanish Service for the Internationalization of Education) and the Ministry of Education of the Spanish embassy to Morocco have organized the IV “Studying in Spain” Exhibition (IV Feria “Estudiar en España”) formed by Spanish universities. On this occasion, the Marrakesh headquarters, specifically the University Cadi Ayyad, has been visited for the first time. Other institutions such as the Instituto Cervantes of Marrakesh and Orientation Carrefour have been part of this event.

More than 25 universities attended the event, with the presence of the Chancellor Moulay Lhassan Ahbid from University of Marrakesh; Ricardo Dìez-Hochleitner, Spanish Ambassador to Morocco; Coral Martínez Iscar, Director of SEPIE; María Antonia Trujillo, Minister of Education of the Spanish embassy in Rabat; Awatef Berdai, Head of International Relations and Decentralised Cooperation of the Marrakesh City Council, as well as authorities of the Moroccan Ministry of Education.

This exhibition is already consolidated in the country and every year improves its participation rate. Last year, with the visit of three cities, the number of students reached 6000. Especially since the Tétouan headquarters has joined the itinerary in 2020, the figure has been exceeded.

One of the common objectives of this forum, among others, is to internationalize the offer of the University of Murcia allowing the Moroccan student to assume an active role in the development of the country, through the “Young Generation as Change Agents” programme. Another objective is to establish ties and strengthen the existing ones. Both University Cadi Ayyad and University Abdelmalek Essâadi have been partners of the University of Murcia in Noria and Vietud projects.

On this occasion, University of Murcia has informed about the Campus of International Excellence Mare Nostrum (CMN) scholarships to attend summer courses of the Universidad Internacional del Mar (UNIMAR) for graduates, master students and doctoral programmes; about the CMN scholarships for giving oral presentation in the VI Doctoral Conference of the International School of Doctorate of the University of Murcia, which will be held at the end of May 2020; and about the programme coordinated from the SEPIE and financed by the European Commission so young Moroccan people could study a master’s degree in Spanish universities and transfer knowledge acquired in the last phase of reintegration of students in Morocco, with the launch and development of business and entrepreneurship projects.

In the IV Edition "Studying in Spain", students from institutes of the Moroccan, French and international educational systems, as well as undergraduate, master and doctorate students have shown interest in how they can start or continue their higher education in Spain.

It is important to point out that the General Director of the Instituto Cervantes, Luis García Montero, also visited the exhibition with his own stand to make known the accessibility and ease of studying Spanish in the different headquarters that were visited, as well as various topics related to Spain and its culture.

During the school year more than 5.000 students of Moroccan nationality has benefited from the competitive tuition fees, the brilliant level of qualification in Spanish higher education and the life’s quality in Spain.

Traslation carried out by the trainees Patricia Peñaranda Tello y Carmen María Sánchez Vidal, Studies “Grado de Traducción e Interpretación de la UMU”