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CMN meeting: Regional Public Universities progress in Excellence

CMN meeting: Regional Public Universities progress in Excellence

17 Feb 2015

This Wednesday, February 18, the management teams of the University of Murcia and the University of Cartagena are meeting as a new “Campus Mare Nostrum” Board of Directors to take stock of the International Camous of Excellence and set the future targets of this ambitious overseas project shared by both institutions.

In the meeting, the work already accomplished and the degree of action compliance will be analysed, as well as the funding received, the final evaluation process and the future of CEIs.

Attending the meeting will be the UMU and UPCT Chancellors, José Orihuela and José Antonio Franco; former Chancellors, José Antonio Cobacho and Félix Faura; the Vice-Chancellors of International Relations, Bernardo Cascales and José Manuel Fernández; the CMN General Coordinator , Pilar Garrido and her predecessor, Pascual Pérez-Paredes; the CMN Coordinator at UPCT, Julio Ibarrola, as well as the Executive Director of CARM Universities, Luis Javier Lozano, and the C.E.I Technical Manager of the Ministry of Education, Luis Delgado.

The CMN Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for 10.30 to 14.00 in the Faculty of economics of the University of Cartagena.


Declaraciones a medios. Reunión consejo CMN en UPCT
Recurso UPCT CMN
Grupo UPCT
Grupo CMN reducido
Inauguración mesa presidencial
Francisca Tomás y Francisco Martínez
Pilar Garrido y José Antonio Gómez
Rectores, Luis Javier y Luis Delgado
Luis Delgado
Luis Javier atiende a medios
José Orihuela atiende a medios
José Antonio Franco y José Orihuela