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Research Groups

Business Administration
Agrochemistry, technology and management of soils and substrates
Agrochemistry and Food Technology
Water and agriculture in semiarid conditions
Veterinary clinical analysis
Political analysis
Analysis and development of electric power systems
Analysis and development of electric power systems
Analysis and simulation of chemical, biochemical and membrane processes
Veterinary anatomy and embryology
Economic analysis
Applications of economic analysis and game theory
Cooperative learning
Computer architecture and parallel systems
Architecture and parallel computing
Art, public space and landscape
Astrophysics and condensed matter
Beside marketing
Bioinformatics and macromolecules (BioMac)
Graphic BioEngineering
Biobased Membrane
Biotechnology applied to genetic breeding of citrus
Food biotechnology-BTA
Biotechnology of fruit
Microbial biotechnology
Food quality and health
Calidad nutricional de productos vegetales
Quality Assurance and Higher Education
Quality and guarantee of fruits and vegetables
Environmental changes, transformation of the landscape and land
Carcinogenesis: experimental pathology
Materials science and metallurgical engineering
Legal sciences
Agricultural science and technology
Ciencia y Tecnología de Alimentos
Science and food technology
Soil Science and technology
CODITEC: Communication, Speech and Technologies
Consumer behavior
Comunciación Social, Cultura y Tecnología
Comunicación, innovación educativa y atención a la diversidad (EDUCODI)
Consciousness, Culture and Society
Current issues in commercial law
Sport, management and recreation
Roman law and its transmission to modern legal systems
Dinámica de plaguicidas
Advanced design of structures
Electronics design and signal processing techniques
Devices and applications in nanoscience research (DIANA)
Devices and microelectronic design
Division de innovación en sistemas telemáticos y tecnología electrónica
Aquatic ecology
Ecology of inland waters
Ecology and marine conservation
Ecología y Ordenación de Ecosistemas Marinos Costeros
Economics, public policy and health
Economía, Territorio y MedioAmbiente (ETMA)
Health economics and economic evaluation
Finance and accounting
Economía Social y del Territorio
Ecology and epidemiology of parasitic diseases
Ecosistemas Marinos Explotados
Ecuaciones Diferenciales y Análisis Numérico
Physical exercise and human performance
Ejercicio físico y salud
Electromagnetismo Aplicado a las Telecomunicaciones
Electromagnetism and matter
Electronics, sensors and instrumentation
Electroquímica, Materiales y Dispositivos Inteligentes
Cellular and Tissue Aging
Brain aging and dementias
Enzimologia y Biorremediacion de Suelos y Residuos Orgánicos
Equipo de cultivo de peces mediterráneos del Centro Oceanográico de Murcia
Statistics: Models, Methods and Applications
Estrategias Organizativas y Comerciales de las Empresas
Estres Abiótico producción y Calidad
Estudio de los gametos y la fecundación en la especie humana y otros mamíferos
Morphological study of glycoproteins and melanins
EVAHEALTH (Education, Values​​, Addictions and Health)
Experiencias Educativas en Ciencias Sociales -EDUCS
Cell and molecular pharmacology
Veterinary pharmacology
Phylogeny and Animal Evolution
English philology and historical linguistics
Particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology (FISPAC)
Physiology of Reproduction
Stress physiology in plants
Physiotherapy and disability
Phytohormones and plant development
Genomics and molecular biotechnology of mushrooms
Geotechnical and operating methods