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University clusters and economic growth: Campus Mare Nostrum starts a series of high-profile meetings in the food industry and research

University clusters and economic growth: Campus Mare Nostrum starts a series of high-profile meetings in the food industry and research

08 Jan 2014

University clusters and economic growth

Network of Spanish Campuses of International Excellence with agro-food business activity


Fleshing out knowledge, the food industry and society

The TRIPTOLEMOS Foundation for Agrifood Development was created to foster a space for dialogue and activities amongst all the groups involved in the agro-food sector, from the primary producer to the consumer, all along the whole product chain. Its core activitiy lies in universities and in representatives of the productive sector with the same concern. It was created in the belief that joint efforts must give rise to a strengthening of the food world in any of its forms, at the same time creating a confidence, sadly questioned today, in matters that go from the prestige of research and collaboration in the urgent problem of more than 900M starving people in the world, to the best nutrition for everyone, in an environment of belief in the system.

The Spanish food and beverage industry is the leading industrial sector of the Spanish economy and the fifth in Europe. The food and beverage sector account for 20% of the Spanish industrial employment. Internationally, the trade balance is positive, no doubt an important balance to the revitalization of our economyr. At the strategic level, the food system has an important economic and political value, and a major responsibility as we need to address future challenges and find solutions. In this scenario universities have a crucial role where networking and coordination is essential.

On February 15, 2013 the Triptolemos Board of Trustees approved the creation of the Network of Campuses of International Excellence with agro-food business activity, initially integrated by 16 Campuses.

Among others, the objective of the Network is to develop activities that promote regional economic development in the fields of knowledge and productive sectors in the food system.


Recently, the Triptolemos Foundation signed a collaboration agreement with the La Caixa Foundation to develop a series of "Dialogues" around knowledge, entrepreneurship and society.


The first "Dialogue" will feature a meeting of experts that will discuss the role of innovation, the creation of new products and the economic crisis. This event is organized by Campus Mare Nostrum (Universidad de Murcia, Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena); y

Coordinators: Ventura Guamis & Gaspar Ros.

The Region of Murcia has been singled out because of its great potential in the agro-food sector.

The remaining 4 "Dialogues" events will be the following:

-Food, Tourism and Economic Development: New Opportunities
Campus Euromediterráneo del turismo y el agua (Universitat Illes Balears, Universitat de Girona).

Coordinator: Andreu Palou

-Branding, consumers, social networks
Campus Moncloa (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid).

Coordinator: Margarita Ruiz-Altisent

-Finding the right balance between sustainibility, the environment and food production
VLC/CAMPUS. Valencia, International Campus of Excellence.

Coordinator: Amparo Chiralt

-Health and food (aging, food intolerance)
Campus Biotic. Universidad de Granada.

Coordinator: Emilio Martínez de Victoria


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