INTERVIEW to Sètongnon Mélaine Prisca Legba, the African student selected for the Campus Mare Nostrum scholarship: "The Master’s degree is present in my thoughts even when I am busy with other things".

19 Apr 2021

Once again, COVID-19 plays a role in a story. However, the main protagonist is the Spanish language teacher, Sètongnon Melanie Prisca Legba, pursuing the Master’s degree in ₁ Tecnología Educativa: e-learning y Gestión del Conocimiento, from her home in Benin, West Africa. She comes from the Université d'Abomey-Calavi (University of Abomey-Calavi) and has a degree in ₂ Filosofía Española.

Despite not being able to study in Spain, she does not lose the attention on her studies and makes the most of every moment of her time: "I do not spend a day without research. I usually get up early to finish my personal work, then I go to class and during the break I dedicate myself to my research and activities”.

When you are studying a Master’s degree, you are in touch with unknown subjects, or you can go in depth and update the ones you already know. Sètongnon Melanie has shown the importance of choosing this course: "I chose to do the Master’s degree to be useful in my environment because the use of IT tools in teaching is not yet a reality in my country”.

- Are there things to improve regarding online classes?
- Teachers need to review their workload, especially when it comes to people who have to manage their Master’s degree, professional and family life at the same time.

Finished the Master’s degree, Sètongnon Melanie's goal is “to help Spanish teachers to integrate the use of IT tools in the teaching-learning process", to achieve that students can handle the Spanish language fluently and that they are not worried about a mark obtained "carrying out grammatical structures".

Sètongnon Melanie's words show the future that awaits her. They reflect the evolution she wants to achieve, professionally and related to the lifestyle. She is ready for change and convinced of transforming African education through IT tools and her innovative methodology. "If the means allow it, I want to create an online Spanish learning and translation centre to familiarise those around me with the use of IT didactic tools”.


Tecnología Educativa: e-learning y Gestión del Conocimiento: this can be literally translated as «Educational Technology: e-learning and Knowledge Management».
Filosofía Española: this can be literally translated as «Spanish Philosophy».

Sètongnon Melanie



Interview by Facundo Gonzalez, 4th year student of the Licenciatura en Periodismo, focused on Periodismo Deportivo at the University of Palermo (Argentina), on international mobility exchange with the University of Murcia and realising his practicum at Campus Mare Nostrum.

Traslation carried out by Carmen María Sánchez Vidal, student of 4th year English Studies “Grado de Traducción e Interpretación” at the University of Murcia.

Thank you so much to our trainees, and of course to our scholarship master student Mrs. Sètongnon Mélaine Prisca Legba.