CMN structure


The CMN governance model has two levels: the strategic level is made up of bodies that have the authority to make high-level decisions (definition of strategies, actions to be carried out, problem management, etc.), while the operational level is where the actions described in the project are implemented and executed and where low-level decisions are made with the aim of achieving the strategic objectives.

On 15 February 2011 the Campus Mare Nostrum General Council gathered for the first time to approve the actions for 2011. Since then, the CMN has been working towards defining its organizational structure. The CMN has made progress in shaping a governance model which encompasses collegiate bodies and management structures adapted to the needs of a modern and dynamic Campus of International Excellence. 


Strategic Level
- CMN General Council where the project’s partners are represented. 
- International Advisory Council
- Executive Committee
Operational Level
- Areas of Specialization by Strategic Areas of Focus: Teaching, R&D&I, Infrastructure, Students and Society
- R&D&I Clusters: Agri-food-based Bioeconomics, Quality of Life and Health-related Technologies, and the Mediterranean Sea and Naval and Marine Technology.