CMN communication



The Communication Plan of the 'Mare Nostrum' Campus of International Excellence is based on several types of media, promoting their cross-border and interactive qualities as a principal feature. 

Press: Own supplements which come with the main regional newspapers: 'Ababol' in La Verdad and 'Paraninfo' in La Opinión de Murcia.

Radio: Programme entitled 'Campus Mare Nostrum: Un compromiso con el Mediterráneo' (A Commitment to the Mediterranean). Broadcast on the national radio station Radio Inter on Saturdays from 2.05pm to 3pm across Spain.

We developed a television campaign prior to receiving Campus of International Excellence status. This included adverts and messages of support from institutions to make the people of Murcia aware of our project.

In terms of our international reach, we work with the embassies of Mediterranean countries here in Spain and our own embassies abroad,  regularly sending them promotional material and keeping them up-to-date with news about our academic offer and current activities. 

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