Expedition to Antarctica 2014

No place on earth compares to this vast white wilderness distilled to an elemental haiku: snow, ice, water, rock. Antarctica is simply stunning. The enormity of its ice shelves and mountain ranges invariably heightens feelings of humanity’s insignificance and nature’s grandeur. Antarctica’s peculiar beauty may haunt you for the rest of your days. Even the trip over, crossing the Southern Ocean is an experience – with no landmass, low-pressure systems circle clockwise unimpeded, eventually reaching incredible speeds.



Prof. Miguel Motas Guzmán, U. Murcia, Campus Mare Nostrum, set sail December 29, 2013, to Antarctica to research plastic-derived organic pollutants that could potentially bring about a wide range of negative consequences on living creatures, from reproductive malfunctions to nervous system issues.

You can follow this expedition here (ES).

You can read previous research conducted by Prof. Motas here:

Concentration of trace elements in feathers of three Antarctic penguins:Geographical and interspecific differences. (Link)

Trace and toxic elements in three species of Antarctic penguins: A preliminary research (Link)