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Viernes, 22 de abril de 2016

This Friday 22th, The deadline for the contest of short stories CC. Thader-University of Murcia will finish, with 10,000 € in prizes

The students of the University of Murcia (UMU) who had been granted with an scholarship for the academic course 2016-2017 in any of the programs directed by the International Relations Unit of this institution can take part until 22nd April in the XI Contest of Short Stories Centro Comercial Thader-UMU.

The contest, which has an endowment of 10,000€ in prizes, was established ten years ago by UMU and C.C.Thader in order to give financial support to the students from the University of Murcia in their stays abroad and to promote the literary activity among them.

Taking advantage of the tenth anniversary of the shopping centre Thader, the reason that is proposed to this edition is about the positive experiences in one person’s life.

The projects to be presented must be innovatived and unpublished stories along their whole length, without signature or any signal that shows its origin or authorship and not awarded or awaiting a decision in any other competition or contest.

The first award is well-endowed with 3,000€, the second one with 2,500€ and the third with 2,000€, whereas there will be a fourth and fifth prize with 1,500€ and 1,000€, respectively.

For further information about the contest rules:

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