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Miércoles, 18 de febrero de 2015

The Rectors of the public universities confirm their agreement with the Mare Nostrum Campus

The meeting held today in the UPCT has consolidated the strategies to reach the final rating of International Excellence Campus
Today, the rectors of the public universities of the Region have confirmed their bet for the Mare Nostrum Campus facing the final evaluation carried out in autumn by an international commission and which will confirm the rating of Excellence Campus. This has taken place during a meeting held this Wednesday in the ‘Isaac Peral’ Assembly room at the UPCT. As well as the two management teams, have also attended the meeting the Executive Director of the Universities of the Region de Murcia, Luis Javier Lozano, the Executive Director of Research and Innovation, Celia Martínez, and the agent of the General Secretariat for Universities of the Ministry of Education, Luis María Delgado.
Intelligent specialisation
‘Excellence Campus is essential to continue with the regional strategy of intelligent specialisation in research and innovation’, has emphasised the rector of the UPCT, José Antonio Franco. In the same way, he has highlighted that this initiative created in 2008 between the public universities of the Region is in line with the objectives set at regional level in order to economic growth and the bet for a knowledge society.
The meeting held today at the UPCT has been used for define the objectives set by the Mare Nostrum Campus for the current year 2015, in which the final evaluation will be made and in which both universities hope to keep the rating of International Excellence Campus definitely. ‘We will try to culminate an important process for the Region, in order to unite the system and reach a better optimization and internationalization of the resources’, has pointed out the rector of the University of Murcia, José Orihuela.
The meeting of the management has also dealt with the financing of the Mare Nostrum Campus and which will have the project from 2016. In this regard, the agent of the Ministry of Education, Luis María Delgado, has informed that this Campus has obtained a 3,5% of the whole financing provided to the 33 International Excellence Campus (CEIs) of Spain, which means about 12 million euros. Delgado hopes that the General State Budget enclosed a specific item for the CEIs, becoming stablished as “ecosystems and central column of knowledge and development at regional and national level”.
On his behalf, the Executive Director of the Universities of the Region, Luis Javier Lozano, has advertised that the regional contribution made to the Mare Nostrum Campus will be incorporated in the Multi-annual Plan in which public universities are already working on between 2016 and 2020, and whose model will be based on a valuation by objectives. Lozano has informed that the contribution made by the regional government to the International Excellence Campus in this year is 150.000 euros.

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