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Jueves, 05 de febrero de 2015

Pilar Garrido is to take part in the Conference on Environment and Coastline in Valencia and Murcia: "Strengthening Partnerships"

The General Coordinator of the 'Mare Nostrum 37/38' International Campus of Excellence, Pilar Garrido, will be participating in the Second Conference on marine and coastal environment in Valencia and Murcia: "Strengthening partnerships".

This Friday, February 6, Garrido takes part in the final session, entitled "Strengthening Partnerships for Sea Conservation", held in the auditorium of the Red Cross's provincial headquarters in Alicante (Glorieta de la Solidaridad, 1).

Campus Mare Nostrum participates in this activity since it is RIS3 (Strategy for Research and Innovation) based and affords transferences between universities, associations and society, interaction with the environment, science, research, social movements, etc.

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