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Lunes, 16 de diciembre de 2013

16 campuses of excellence met in the University of Zaragoza to discuss actions in the agro-food sector

Representatives of 16 campuses of excellence met in the University of Zaragoza December 16 to discuss future actions concerning joint activities in the agro-food sector. This Triptolemos network of campuses of excellence is a unique opportunity to boost cooperation and combined efforts in research and business-related areas.

The TRIPTOLEMOS Foundation for Agrifood Development was constituted to create a space for dialogue and activities amongst all the groups involved, from the primary producer to the consumer along the whole chain. Its core lies in universities and in representatives of the productive sector with the same concern. It was created in the belief that joint efforts must give rise to a strengthening of the food world in any of its forms, at the same time creating a confidence, sadly questioned today, in matters that go from the prestige of research and collaboration in the urgent problem of more than 900M starving people in the world, to the best nutrition for everyone, in an environment of belief in the system.

On behalf of Campus Mare Nostrum, Pablo Fernández, Vice-rector for Research, UPCT, and Pascual Pérez-Paredes, CMN General Coordinator, attended the meeting.

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